Smart Environments: Functional, Fun, and Secure

What constitutes a smart environment is not a patchwork of ad-hoc IoT devices, connected to a semi-secure WiFi service. Rather, it’s a unified, multipurpose, and effectively secured network. A smart home environment makes the living and working fun, efficient, and functional while conserving energy and accommodating the residents’ needs. It requires a fully secured cloud-based router/access point, and IoT devices that flexibly communicate with each other. While physical security and device features are very important, powerful cyber security and related functionality is imperative.

To achieve a smart environment, we design the network and install the most efficient and appropriate devices. Installations take into consideration the most effective locations to provide maximum coverage and minimum disturbance to visual appearance. There are no hanging wires or exposed devices unless a scenario absolutely requires it. We also monitor the health and usage of the network remotely, in an effort to maximize efficiency and learn from knowledge that builds on a daily basis.


We can provide complete, integrated packages, or a number of individual offerings:

  • Design and install cloud-based WiFi networks
  • Install and monitor cyber security measures
  • Smart environmental and traffic sensor
  • Smart security systems
    • Smart indoor/outdoor camera
    • Smart entrance/exit/locking devices
    • Smart safety/emergency lighting
    • Smart physical and remote alarms
    • Smart motion sensors and detection devices
  • Smart climate control devices
  • Smart lighting and electrical devices
  • Smart audio/visual systems
  • Smart design/décor features


A smart feature is controlled from anywhere via mobile devices, or via voice activation through devices such as Amazon Echo or Google Home. All places can benefit by being smarter, but excellent candidates include the following:

Homes              Hospitals                        Pedestrian Thoroughfares       Parks
Businesses       Assisted Living               Transportation Hubs                 Retail Centers
Schools             Landscapes                    Entertainment Venues             Parking Areas