CrowdScreens programs are fully customized for a given scenario, whether it’s a kiosk network in a large city, a set of digital screens in a specific venue, or the launch of a mobile app suite within an existing infrastructure. We design, develop, install, operate, and maintain the system with as much – or as little –participation from program stakeholders as is desired. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Hardware design and manufacturing
  • Component selection
  • Structure/component logistics and installation
  • Software design and implementation
  • Software training
  • System monitoring and maintenance
  • Data provision and storage
  • Brand consulting and execution
  • Digital asset creation and management


CrowdScreens is a division of Aptinet Incorporated, a Manhattan-based technology company founded in 2001. A longstanding history of content management software, software integration, digital asset management, and video production created a natural fit within the Smart City space. The goal of creating a powerful program (versus a rigid product) led to the launch of CrowdScreens in 2015. Within the company, a collection of right and left-brain thinkers developed – and continue to shape – the program from an array of valuable perspectives. The flexibility of being able to move from concept to execution, or to tackle any sub-set of that complete scope, makes the program applicable and beneficial to a wide range of candidates. It also makes every client execution uniquely exciting and challenging.

In Practice

Cities need to utilize new and innovative technologies to help them become more resilient and sustainable. In Newark, New Jersey, CrowdScreens is powering what’s known as the ‘Brand Newark’ program. The project called for a fully branded street kiosk and mobile app network, which was launched in the fall of 2016. Citizens are demanding the modernization and upgrade of city infrastructure and services to stay competitive and support a 21 st century lifestyle. Brand Newark is a bold public/private partnership that seeks to shape these elements and turn Newark into a smart city. CrowdScreens works with city government, a university, an improvement district, local businesses and non-profits, and local citizens to make this happen. Following a full branding exercise, a hardware/software solution was developed to specifically address the needs and nuances of downtown Newark, where the task of building the community requires far more than electronic billboards.